The Voice is Gods and We are Wrong

So I found this blog just laying around on the web.

One world. One voice.

I see who ever worked on this Blog spent lots of time building Links and wrote lots of posts...
I promised my God and my Lord long ago that Id make a web page for him.

I just want to say.

I love you my brother. My lord (Christ loves you) and hatred is not the way.  Killing yourself because some cleric says that's the way is insane.

Read ALL the Scripture you believe in and Pray to the LIVING God. He doesn't want any to destroy themselves and hurt others to further any worldly groups movement of this world.

This world is only a dream..... A test....

And how you treat your brother, no matter their beliefs, is more important and vital than proving any earth based groups or ideas is the ONLY WAY to enlightenment..

Peace and love... for all my brothers..